“Evolver” set for release 30/7/2018.

Our 3rd album, “Evolver”, will be released on the 30th of July, 2018. This initial release will be via BandCamp and a vinyl release will follow soon after (as soon as we can afford to get it pressed). Here is all the information that you need to know:


Above, you should see the front cover of the album. This was created by Autumn Asphodel. The photo of Prime8 was taken by Andrew Robinson of Desol Design Solutions, the “Chimp Audience” photo was taken by Prime8 and the Orangutan photo came from Pixabay.

It is a concept album, based on the story of Prime8’s transition from male to female. It is the first album to feature our newest member, NiniCat. It also features several amazing guests including, Autumn Asphodel, Wolf Queen, Sir Reimund, Mishly D. Tegal, Doctor Cheese and Ethereal.

Side 1:
1. Regeneration.
Prime8: Cigar Box and 12 String Guitars, Organ, Musical Knee, Vocals. 
Checkers: Drums.
Dr. Cheese: Keyboards.
2. Night Bus/Emergency Exit.
Prime8: 6 and 12-String Guitars, Bass, Synths, Slow Drums, Vocals.
Checkers: Fast Drums.
3. Disguise.
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Bass, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
NiniCat: Acoustic Guitar.
4. The Chaser (Prime8/Wolf Queen).
Prime8: 6 and 12 String Guitars, Bass, Vocals.
Wolf Queen: Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
5. I’m Nothing Like You.
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Bass, Synths, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
6. Judgement (Prime8/Checkers/Reimund).
Prime8: Rhythm Guitar, Vocoder, Bass, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
Mishly: Lead Guitar.
Sir Reimund: Vocals.
The Quagaarian SIM-Phone-ic Orchestra: French Horns, Tubas.
7. My Reflective Eyes (Prime8/Checkers/NiniCat):
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals.
NiniCat: Acoustic Guitars.
Side 2:
8. When The Rocker Learned To Roll.
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
Chimpy: Ashtray.
9. Bangkok Blues.
Prime8: Ukulele, Cigar Box Guitar, Organ, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
Ethereal: Thai Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar.
The Quagaarian SIM-Phone-ic Orchestra: French Horn, Bassoon, Violin.
10. Never Give Up The Fight (Prime8/NiniCat).
Prime8: Drums, Singing Bowl, Vocals.
NiniCat: Everything Else.
11. Skin Deep (Prime8).
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Bass, Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.
Dr. Cheese: Keyboards.
The Threeon Chimps: Handclaps and Faceslaps.
12. True Self (NiniCat/Prime8).
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Bass, Vocals.
NiniCat: 6-String Guitar.
Checkers: Djembe.
13. You Be You (Prime8/Asphodel).
Prime8: Drone and 12 String Guitars, Electric Sitar, Bass.
Autumn Asphodel: Vocals.
Checkers: Drums.

All songs written by Prime8 unless otherwise noted.

Produced by The Quagaars and Autumn Asphodel.

The majority of the album was recorded at Neon Chimp Studios 1 and 2, however some elements were recorded elsewhere.

We have released a music video for the song “My Reflective Eyes” which can be viewed here:

You can also preview the song “Skin Deep” here:

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