The Band

The Quagaars crash landed on Planet Earth many centuries ago. The survivors of the crash spread themselves around the world, continuing their intergalactic search for new sounds. Generations later, they had all lost contact with each other. It was only by chance that 2 descendants of those original survivors found themselves in the same place at the same time…Melbourne, Australia. Prime8 and Checkers were destined to come together and form a new band, continuing the mission of their ancient ancestors, the never ending search for new sounds.

As they began their musical journey at the birth of the new millennium, they would also start to seek out other descendants to help them on their mission. This search proved fruitless until Prime8 began encountering, often by chance, other Quagaarian descendants who may not have been able to join full time, but were willing to help out where they could. The first of these was NiniCat, who would become the first “Additional/Honourary Quagaar” with her work on the 3rd album, “Evolver”.

And so the search for new sounds continues…

The Quagaars are:
Prime8: 12-String Guitar, Guitar, Fretless Bass, Banjo, Theremin, Synth, Piano, Keyboards, Drums and Vocals.

Checkers: Drums, Guitar, Synth, Piano, Keyboards, Saxophone and Vocals.
Checkers 2015n

NiniCat: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals.
NiniCat 02

The “Additional/Honourary” Quagaars are:
Dr. Cheese: Keyboards.
Autumn: Vocals and Production.
Sienna: Bass.
Rui: Vocals.
Wolf Queen: Vocals.
Mishy: Guitar.
Ethereal: Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele and Production.
The Threeon Chimps: Percussion.

The Albums:
The first album, “Dodge City Tombstone” was written and recorded between 2000 and 2010. After various technical holdups, it was finally pressed on vinyl in 2012. It features 12 original songs and a fairly obscure George Harrison song.

The second album, “Eternal Candlelight” is to be released in Ap(e)ril 2016, initially via Band Camp and eventually on vinyl. As with the first album, it contains 13 songs, but this time all originals.

The 3rd album went into production before the 2nd album had actually been released. “Evolver” is a concept album about Prime8’s transition from male to female. It would also be the first album to feature NiniCat, along with the “Additional/Honourary” Quagaars, bringing us a whole new world of sounds.

Album 4, “Project Nomad”, is to be released in late July-early August 2019.