Who are The Quagaars, and what do they stand for?

We are an intergalactic rock band, originally from the Planet Quagaar. A long time ago, our ancestors crash landed on Earth with little hope of every being able to return home. They initially tried to stick together, but as the years flew by, one by one, they started to spread out across the land…and sometimes, the sea. With each new generation, the musical traditions of our home world were passed down, in the hopes that perhaps one day, somehow, it would reach our long lost home. Although, it has been a very long time. It’s entirely possible that it no longer exists. So we settle with keeping our culture alive here.

Our first mission was to try and locate other Earthings of Quagaarian origin. Many are unaware of their ancestry, but when 2 Quagaarians find themselves in a room together, they will somehow know that they have a connection of some kind, beyond anything that can be understood.

Prime8 and Checkers happened to come into contact with each other. They bonded over a love of music and a friendship was quickly formed. On the 1st of January 2000, they decided to form a band. Unable to find any other Quagaarian Earthlings, they tried out several different musicians, but nothing seemed to work out with any of them in the long run. After nearly a decade, they decided to continue as a 2 piece and in 2010, they released their first album, “Dodge City Tombstone”.

This version of the band would continue for a few years before they decided to start looking for others to join them once again. Initial attempts proved fruitless, but then, something very interesting happened. Prime8 came out as transgender. Through the transgender community, she became friends with Autumn Asphodel (which is apt…double A actually). It was Autumn that lead to Prime8 finding NiniCat. Could she have finally found another Quagaarian Earthling? Their initial communications were over the internet as they happened to be on opposite sides of the planet at the time.

And so, after the release of the second album, “Eternal Candlelight”, in 2016, Prime8 traveled across the globe to meet with NiniCat in person. Sure enough, her initial suspicions were confirmed. She’d found a missing piece of the puzzle, the legendary 3rd Quagaar that they’d been searching for.

In 2018, the third album (the first with NiniCat), a concept album based around Prime8’s transition called “Evolver”, was released. This was followed a year later by the fourth album, “Project Nomad”.

That’s all well and good, but what does it mean to be a Quagaar?
The Quagaars (or Quagaarians if you want to get technical, but Quagaars sounds better…looks better on a poster/album cover) are a race that values art, open mindedness and creativity above all else. On Earth, they tend not to fit in with the mainstream. As a result, they will always stand for other people who don’t fit in, the freaks, the outsiders, the others, the weirdos, the night owls, the dreamers, the vampires, the queers, the ugly ducklings, the nerds, the geeks, the aliens, the different. For in many ways, we are just like you, and we hope that our music can mean something to you, just as it means something to us. Just as you all mean so much to us.

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